Triumph FT Free Standing Rig Systems

Triumph FT Free Standing Rig Systems

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Sandwich J-Hook Pair
Bar Safety Arm Pair
Weight Plate Storage Pair
Pull-up/Suspension Training Locations
Ball Targets

The FT Rig Series is customizable to fit any space. Available in both freestanding or wall-mounted configurations, with multiple height options andagrowing line of accessories, your options are limited only by your available space.

Fasteners are 8.8 high strength nuts,M12 hardware

Standard J-CUP pair                                                                                                      

1.This rack is a professional commercial equipment. It’s heavier and taller than others.

2.The frame is made of Q235 steel with more than 2.5mm in thickness.75×75×3mm steel tubing,M12 hardware
3.The 3D laser cutting machine has high processing precision with error within ±0.020 mm
4.It contains Eight-layer rack to be full of enough storage.
5.Custom Molded Feet: Located under the base frame to insure stability and prevent marring of floor surfaces.

6.Rack color can be customized according to customers’ needs                                                             

7.Short leading time (4-8 weeks, from design to delivery to your port)

Net weight:195Kg
Gross weight:250Kg