Pro Press Squat Rack V2

Pro Press Squat Rack V2

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The Pro Press Squat Rack v2 is an essential piece of equipment for any weight room. Our new rack is ideal for performing almost any exercise movement, from squats to shoulder press, from curls to even pull ups! Your goals of becoming better, stronger, and faster can all be achieved with this one incredible piece of equipment. With its steel frame and powder coated exterior, the Pro Press Squat Rack allows for durability that is second to none. With a footprint of only 4’x4’, it can fit in almost any space unlike some bulky full squat cages. An awesome feature of the Pro Press Squat Rack is its modular capability, which means you can attach a section to the back of the rack for added stability and extra storage for your plates which includes 6 weight pegs! Safety arms are also available as the ultimate “spotter” when you’re lifting by yourself. Wright Equipment is pleased to introduce the Pro Press Squat Rack v2 into our arsenal of incredible products.


  • Brand : Wright Equipment
  • Use : Squat/Bench/PullUp/Gymnastics
  • Weight : 100lbs
  • Material : 2x3” 11-gauge steel
  • Capacity : 1000lbs
  • Height : 86" 
  • Width : 48"
  • Length : 48"
  • Assembly : Bolt
  • Coating : Powder (custom color available)
  • Warranty : Lifetime (welds)
  • Made in USA : YES


  • 24" Safety Arms,
  • Half Rack Conversion.