Barebones Spartan Kit

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The Brute Force Barebones™ Spartan Sandbags have NO HANDLES!!! This is for a reason, grip strength and pure power development. The Barebones Spartan is adjustable in weight from 125lbs to 200lbs. While the max capacity is 200lbs, this sandbag functions best between 150lbs and 185lbs. Any less and it is too empty, any more and it lessens the shifting load of the sand. This is the sweet spot for max weight and max shift which is the whole point of sandbag training!

This sandbag is built for Advanced sandbag training and is geared towards power development and grip strength. The Only Difference between this bag its little brother, the Barebones Strongman is the weight and it is slightly larger in dimension. A

ll Brute Force Sandbags are USA Made and quality produced in Denver, Colorado, and adhere to the highest manufacturing standards. They are made with tough and resilient 1000D Mil-Spec Cordura, featuring YKK Zippers and reinforced stitching. We stand by the quality of our gear and have produced equipment that will last for years. Our sandbags are tested for endurance and ease of use so you can be assured of a quality product. We built them to last and last they will!