CX-300D Double Power Cage

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The CX300 is in a class of it's own. 11gauge 3"x3" uprights with laser adjustment holes cut into all four sides of the uprights. Also in all of the uprights are laser cut numbers that will give your athletes an easy visual to allow for quick adjustments from lift to lift. The standard Shackle and Strap gives you many options as well. A safer way to do your bench lifts or squats while relying on a 20 ton tested Strap. This Rack has a number of attachments available and also has the ability to easily be attached to a wall or Functional training stations throughout your weight room.  Seen here is the CX300D Double Cage Rack.  The Double Cage can work out 4 people at one time with the ability to work out inside and out side of each cage.  This is made more simple because we laser cut numbers on both the front and the back of the upright.  Allowing for easy adjustments throughout the workout. 

  • Brand : Wright Equipment
  • Use : Squat/Bench/PullUp/Power Lifting
  • Weight : 1050lbs
  • Upright : 11ga 3"x3" tube with Laser cut #'s
  • Material : Steel
  • Overlay : No / 
  • Coating : Custom Powder
  • Height : 96"
  • Width : Base 48" / 56" Including Weight Storage
  • Length : 140"
  • Assembly : Bolt
  • Warranty : Lifetime* Welds/Structure
  • Made in USA: Yes 
  • Options : Platform, Dip Station, Landmine