USA Fitness Wall Mounted Rig Solutions

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The USA Fitness wall mounted pull up rigs are custom built in Los Angeles from the highest quality materials. Full commercial quality, our 3" X 3" rigs are built with a combination of heavy duty 7 & 11 gauge steel .

Rigs are configured with the 4 FT - 6 FT - 4 FT pattern with each 4 FT sections designated for Squat Rack/ Bench use.

We offer a number of customization options to meet your specific needs including custom bar lengths, post heights, and powder coat coloring on all of our rigs. We have the heaviest duty rig on the market at the most outrageous price point in the nation. Built with heavy use in mind, we strive to create the most comprehensive solution. We can ship anywhere in the USA and guarantee the best mix of price and quality. If near any of our locations, please feel free to come by and check it out in person!

11 standard colors to choose from. Other colors available at extra cost.

Equipment Specs:
Fully Ccstomizable
3X3 Steel
7 and 11 gauge steel
Free custom coloring
Standard height 8ft (96")
10ft, 12ft, 15ft tall post upgrades available
Wall mounted monkey bar upgrades available
Standard pull up bars 1 1/4" diameter
Standard 72" and 42" single pull up bars
Standard 60" pull up bar to the wall
1 Pairs of J hooks (1 squat racks) per 4ft rig section
Many attachment and structure add ons available, please contact us for options!

Great for affiliate boxes, commercial gyms, schools, and more.

Manufactured in the USA!


4'    ETE-2PRWM
10'  ETE-3PRWM
14'  ETE-4PRWM
20'  ETE-5PRWM
24'  ETE-6PRWM
30'  ETE-7PRWM
34'  ETE-8PRWM
40'  ETE-9PRWM
44'  ETE-10PRWM