ACFT - Drag Sled and Strap Pack

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The FIRST and ONLY officially approved sled of the U.S. Army Physical Fitness Test, the Spud Inc. Magic Carpet Sled is a heavy-duty weight sled constructed from durable nylon for use on Astroturf, carpet or any rubber or tile flooring. 

 Just like a traditional metal sled, the Magic Carpet can be used for speed and conditioning but, with a maximum weight capacity of 600lbs, can handle the heavy stuff too. And because it’s from Spud, you know it won’t wear down over time.

The included upper body strap enables athletes to also perform a variety of upper body exercises, such as backward sled pulls, sled flys and sled presses. 

 Note: The Magic Carpet should not be used on concrete, asphalt or any rough textured surface. Using the Magic Carpet in any way on such surfaces can cause irreparable damage to the sled.


- Made in America
- Made of Thick Heavy Duty Nylon
- Weight Capacity 600 lbs
- Nylon Sled 22" (Length) by 19.5" (Width)
- 92" Upper Body Pulling Strap With Handles

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