Wingspan Bar

Wingspan Bar

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 Co-developed with Jaen Black, finally a barbell designed for the long-armed athletes who need to snatch and find that difficult and painful with traditional bars.  

For basketball, football, and volleyball, in particular, Power Snatches are the best exercise to develop power, overhead strength, and vertical leap.  For those taller athletes that need a little more width on the bars' shaft to keep this lift safe and effective, We've got your answer.  

Collar to collar there is SIX more inches!!  With center knurl, 16.5" between the beginning of the knurl, the power lifting knurl marks in the normal place, and then an additional 3" of knurling on each side which runs to the Collar. 

This barbell is offered with Black Shaft and Clear Zinc Collars.  The Wingspan bar weighs 40# and is the standard 2200mm (86 5/8") long.  The 28mm shaft is 200,000 psi Tensile and uses precision machined and pressed aircraft grade bronze bushings for incredible spin.  Made in the USA

  • Brand: Wright Equipment
  • Bar Type: Universal
  • Bar Use:Weightlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Multipurpose
  • Bar Weight: 40lbs
  • Diameter: 28mm
  • Center Knurl: Yes Mild
  • Knurl Marks: Power and Extended WINGSPAN Mark
  • Shaft Coating: Black Zinc
  • Loadable Sleeve Length: 13.00"
  • Sleeve Coating: Bright Zinc
  • Bushing Design: Yes
  • Assembly: Snap Ring
  • Tensile Strength: 201,000 PSI
  • Guarantee/Warranty: Lifetime*
  • Made in the USA: Yes