Testing Equipment


Just Jump or Run

Measures Vertical Jump, Foot Quickness, Reaction Time and Sprints
Computerized System and Platform
Voice Activated, Accurate up to .01 Seconds
Easily Test 40+ Athlete’s Vertical Jump in 10 Minutes or Less!

Measure vertical jump to 1/10". Multiple test modes measure overall vertical jump for leg power, average ground time for reaction, and average vertical jump for muscle endurance.
Unit consists of a 28" square jump pad with handheld digital display and manual. Operates on a 9-volt battery (not included). Use on flat surfaces.

TC Timing System

Wireless handheld display! This wireless device shows 3 lines of timing data (split, split interval and cumulative) in an LCD display. Stores up to 9 split intervals and 199 cumulative in its memory recall. Accurate to 1/100 or 1/1000th of a second. Fully automatic, hands-free usage for self-timing. Additional sensors can be set up to record split times. Includes Count Mode to record number of contacts in 30, 45, or 60 seconds. Includes a handheld device with 1000 ft. range to give you the freedom to move around. 5 selectable radio channels for multiple systems at one location. Portable for use indoors or outdoors. The Foot Wand can be used on any surface and offers longer life. Timing starts when the athlete's foot trips the red gate.

Includes timer, 2 infrared electric eyes with built-in transmitter, 2 tripods, touch start pad, batteries, and carry case. Foot Wand: 61/2" L x 2" W.
Includes 4 starting methods:
1. Pressure Release Start - Timing begins when pressure is taken off pad
2. Countdown Start - Timing begins after 3 beep countdown
3. Impact Start - Timing begins when pad is struck (ideal for flying starts)
4. Sound Start - Timing begins on loud sound

18024  TC Timing System - Complete


Get accurate vertical jump measurements to the nearest 1/2". Open design allows jumps from 1 or 2 feet and facilitates dynamic approaches. Reset pole lets you adjust height of vanes to measure jumps from 6' to 12'. Includes two 10 lb. plates to stabilize base. Steel frame construction with rigid high-impact vanes. Assembly required. Additional shipping charges will apply.
22550  Vertec