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XVest 84 lb. - Click Image to Close

The XVest model X8484
comes with 84 (1) pound weights. The weights can be adjusted by 1 lb increments from 1 lb to 84 lbs. The X8484 is designed with 4 main weight pockets that hold up to 21 lbs. each (2 in the front and 2 in the back) in order to keep the weight evenly distributed and maintain proper balance.
The Xvest
Elastic Velcro Straps will keep the vest secure around your body and will not migrate. The Xvest fits like a glove and can be worn for any training and conditioning program.
The Xvest
has a D-ring front and back for Multi-plane resistance training. The Xvest is also treated with Anti-bacterial and Anti-microbial agents to fight against cross-contamination and malodorous odors. The Xvest can be utilized on dry land and in the pool. With the weight resistance adjustable in one-pound increments you can incorporate the Xvest in your speed progressions, agility drills, Plyometric progressions, cardiovascular conditioning and body weight exercises.
Used by: Professional Athletes, Firemen, Military, Special Forces, Navy Seals, Body Builder, Weight Lifters, Mountain Climbers

Please use the following as general guidelines for the appropriate XVest size:
X-Small: 22" - 28" waist
Small: 26" - 32" waist
Medium: 30" - 36" waist
Large: 34" - 40" waist
X-Large:38" - 44" waist



Adjustable in 1/2 lb. increments! The Uni-Vest™ slips over the head and secures across the body with Velcro straps. Flex-Metal™ weights (1/2 lb. each) are evenly distributed throughout the vest and conform to the body providing exceptional balance. Weights remove easily to customize overall weight to meet specific training needs. Fits up to 80" chest. Short Vest comes with 9 lbs. of weight. Long Vest comes with 19 lbs. of weight. Each vest alone weighs 1 lb. Weight of vests can be doubled using additional Flex-Metal weights (sold separately).

13081-10  Uni-Vest 10 lb Adjustable - Short
81-20  Uni-vest 20 lb. Adjustable - Long

Uni-Vest Additional Weights - 10 - 1/2 lb weights

13095   Uni-Vest Additional Weights - 10 - 1/2 lb weights

VersaFit Weighted Vest

Now available in 10 lb., 20 lb., and 40 lb. versions

This padded nylon vest comes with removable sand-filled weight bags, so you can quickly customize resistance. Slide it over the head to position the weight evenly around the torso and then quickly secure it with the Velcro straps. Easily add or remove bags to customize overall weight to suit specific training needs. Use for plyometric drills, bodyweight exercises, and more.

Weighted Vest - 10lb
Weighted Vest - 20lb
Weighted Vest - 40lb

Speed Vest


A breathable, weighted training vest designed especially for running, jumping and other forms of intense training. Oversized stretch strapping system adjusts to fit any size athlete and doublelock system on belts keeps vest stable. Each weight pocket holds only 1 Flex-Metal™ weight to minimize movement. Its porous design allows air to flow freely to keep you cool. Constructed of a fast-drying polyester mesh.

Short: 10lbs.
Long: 17lbs.

Workhorse Harness


No more changing between belts and harnesses in the middle of your drills. Combine the Sprint Resistor and Viper 360° belt into one versatile harness. Heavy duty construction allows towing heavy loads from multiple points while a Saturn ring allows multidirectional training. Whether you hook it to one our sleds or custom flexicord, the Work Horse will give you the diversity you need to train efficiently.

• Hand-sewn with padded adjustable shoulder straps and waist belt
• 4 stationary, heavy duty D-rings to allow multiple attachment points
• 1 Saturn ring
Extra Large