From fitness enthusiasts to trained athletes, anyone can enhance their present agility skills and conditioning with step hurdles. Step Hurdles are an excellent tool for increasing foot speed and knee lift or for raising the intensity level of any agility drill. With the height options and portability of these agility hurdles, you can develop multiple configurations that will produce amazing training results. Use for agility drills and plyometric jumps. Incorporate into any sports performance or rehabilitation exercises. Vary position/pattern of units to add or reduce training drill intensity.


With our state of the art design, they fold, spread and are very durable. They are rigid enough to return to shape and flexible enough to collapse for safety. Hurdles easily stack on top of each other for great storage
Our hurdles can tolerate just about anything.
SFH6        6" tall Set of 6
SFH12  12" tall Set of 6





6" 12" 18" & 24"  Mini Hurdle




Use for quick feet drills and lateral training
Mini Hurdles can be used for many applications. For instance, on “linear speed days” hurdles can be used to teach correct knee lift during top speed sprinting. On “power days” they can be used as obstacles for various jumping drills. And on “change of direction days,” hurdles can be used as boundaries and gates for our different games of break-away chase.

Our hurdles are made from high-impact PVC tubing, making them both light and portable. Use while training indoors and/or outdoors. Orange. 6" H x 18" W. 1 lb. ea.
PH6     6" Hurdle 
12"  Hurdle
18"  Hurdle
24"  Hurdle

VersaStep® Hurdle

Step on these extremely durable and pliable hurdles and they return to their original shape. Weight of base helps keep hurdle in place—reducing the need to keep resetting hurdles. Entire set of hurdles stacks together on carry handle, making transport easy. Patent pending. Set includes 6 hurdles and a stacking carry handle. Soft PVC. Orange with black base. 18" W.

30265-6I  Versa Step Hurdle - 6" (Set of 6)
30265-AI  Versa Step Hurdle -12" (Set of 6)

Series 7 Hurdle

height options in 1 hurdle! Spring-loaded pins allow you to make quick adjustments from 24" to 42" in 3" increments. Crossbar measures 36". Conveniently folds; lightweight and portable. Steel construction. Assembly required. Red. 37" L x 22" W (base). 7 lbs. ea. Not intended for use as a track hurdle
Series 7 Hurdle
Starter Set (4 Hurdles)
Advanced Set (8 Hurdles)

Plyo Hurdles

Posts are marked from 12" to 40" in 4" increments. Secure crossbar in or on top of the dual-clip. For additional stability, fill hollow bases with sand (not included). Crossbar measures 40". High-impact PVC posts. Carry bag included. Assembly required. Yellow. 12 lbs.
Set of 4


Power Hurdle

Keep drills safe with this hurdle that collapses when hit. Height varies from 6" to 42", adjusting to 12 positions. Gateboard measures 41". Rigid high-impact PVC gateboard will not splinter. Powder-coated 1" tubular steel legs are rust resistant. Red/White. 6 lbs. ea.
Power Hurdle
Starter Set (4 Hurdles)
Advanced Set (8 Hurdles)

Competitor Hurdle

Use for dynamic flexibility and advanced plyometric training.