Viper 360%

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Each individual position requires unique movements. If everyone moves differently, then it would make no sense to train everyone the same, right? The Viper is the item that solves this problem. Viper training allows you to resist and assist the specific motions needed to succeed at a given position. The frequency with which we use the Viper puts it in on our "top three" products list.
The Viper includes:

Both the waist belt and flexicord components must be sized. Use the following guidelines:


  • Small - 26"-29" waist, athletes under 130 pounds
  • Medium - 29"-32" waist, 130-170 pound athletes
  • Large - 32"-36" waist, 170-210 pound athletes
  • X-large - 36"+ waist, 210+ pound athletes



  • Thin - Use with youth athletes under the age of 10, and in rehab situations
  • Medium - Use with the majority of athletes
  • Thick - Use with explosive high school athletes and most college and pro athletes


The Cat


Our top seller for years, The CAT was developed by Stroops® years ago for agility, speed and resistance training.
1 Cat Belt, 2 8ft Slastix®, 2 Anchors
Very Heavy


The most effective explosive movement training on the market. erfect for getting “off the blocks”, “out of the batter’s box” and “off the line”. Resistance gets stronger with each step providing an enormous force of applied resistance.
Includes: 1 H Harness or Power pull belt, 1 Slastix®, 1 Anchor
SFACL77H  The Accelerator 75lbs w/ H-Harness 
SFACL77B   The Accelerator 75lbs w/Power Pull Belt
SFACL105H  he Accelerator 105lbs w/ H-Harness 
SFACL105B   The Accelerator 105lbs w/Power Pull Belt
SFACL150H  The Accelerator 150lbs w/ H-Harness 
SFACL150B   The Accelerator 150lbs w/Power Pull Belt

Speed Builder

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There are times that you need overspeed training, but don't have enough athletes to operate a Rocket Rope. In such cases, the Speed Builder is the perfect choice. The Speed Builder can be used by two athletes to perform tow sprints, or can be secured to a goalpost for solo overspeed training. This proven training tool is still the simplest way to apply assistance to an athlete's sprint.
20 ft. (6.67 yards) flexicord safely stretches to 60 ft (20 yards)
Sheathing protects flexicord from nicks and scrapes, and prevents stretching past 60 ft (20 yards)
Includes two hand-sewn, fully adjustable waist belts

40YD Speed Builder

Latex tubing provides overspeed assistance to propel back athlete forward past front athlete. 40yd stretch sheathing maximizes stretch more fluidly and safely. Two Belts included

Tandem Tow

This economical resistance trainer is a one-size-fits-all training device. Perfect for large groups with minimal coaching required.

Singleman Overspeed 


An absolute must have for any type of speed training.The Singleman Overspeed Trainer stretches to over 30 yards and comes with a 10′ chord. This training piece allows you to get to maximum speed faster than any other single-man training device from a still position. An absolute must have for any type of speed training.
Includes: 1 Wire Belt, 1 10 ft. chord, 1 30 ft Slastix®, 1 Anchor
SFSMOM   Medium
Very Heavy

Doubleman Overspeed


The Doubleman Overspeed Trainer with Harness simply teaches proper running form for both runners. Often times while running with resistance the tendency is to lean forward. The Shoulder Harness keeps the body “tall” throughout the run applying the pressure on the chest.
Includes: 1 Swivel Belt,
Choose 1: Swivel Belt, Medium H Harness, or Universal Shoulder Harness
Choose 1: 10, 15 or 20 foot long Slastix®, of Light, Medium, or Heavy Resistance.
SFDMOM  Medium w/Belt
SFDMOH  Heavy w/Belt
SFDMOMH Medium w/Harness
SFDMOHH Heavy w/Harness

Leap Frog

8 feet of variable resistance allow you to jump with resistance and overspeed. The leap frog can also be used for longer distances, teaching the trail runner to “burst” past the lead runner.
2 Swivel Belts, 1 Slastix®
SFLFRGVH  Very Heavy

Coaches Quick Release

Resistance training taken to another level. Coaches/ trainers provide resistance then can break them loose for transition sprints.
1 H Harness, 1 Quick Release Power Handle

Individual Quick Release

Shoulder harness, and personal quick release mechanism attaches to a drag strap that you can attach to any sled or object for resistance training.
1 H Harness, 1 Drag Strap, 1 Quick Release Mechanism

Bullet Belt w/ Pop Release

The "pop" model is the basic belt in the Bullet Belt™system. It was designed for team workouts. Since practice time can be limited, we made the belt quick and easy to use. The "pop" model includes an 18" release handle, and the patented 2" padded waist belt 18" velcro tail.

Bullet Belt w/ Pop & Rip

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Bullet Belt™ "Pop and Rip" Model The "pop and rip" model is a specialized belt ideal for small groups and individual training. It includes a waist belt, 18" velcro tail and a 48" release handle. It has a "rip-release" cable that allows a transitional "rip" overload phase, which gives greater control over the release. Good for the backfield, ends, and for track starts. The "pop and rip" Bullet Belt can be used as a full resistance harness and the swivel D-ring also lets you train lateral moves.

Sprint Resistor

When training the first 5-10 yards of a sprint, heavy resistance training is the way to go. This can be accomplished by having one athlete manually resist another athlete, or by pulling an object like a sled or tire. The Sprint Resistor is designed to be used in either situation. Connecting both ends of the leash to the back of the vest creates a handle for a training partner to hold onto, while connecting only one end to the vest leaves the other free to attach to a weighted device.
Hand-sewn with padded shoulder straps
Vest is designed to fit over shoulder pads for in-season use
Leash is 10 feet long, and can be used to connect to a sled or tire

The Accelerator 360

Increase first-step explosion and acceleration with light-load and high-velocity training. The Accelerator 360° places part of the load on the waist and part of the load on the hip flexors, helping the athlete to stay low in an explosive position while allowing the hip flexors to fire at a near maximum velocity with a light load. This 360° speed-training device also allows the athlete to train in every direction. Perform loaded-hip sprints, agility moves, and backpedal drills. Includes 2 (6') Slastix bungee, 2 thigh cuffs, 1 adjustable swivel belt, and instructions. 4 lbs.
The Accelerator 360

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Speed, Power, Strength
Resistance from 4 lbs. to 1,000 lbs.
Applies to all sports

Exclusive! Develop optimum speed, power, and strength for any sport through functional resistance. The specialized rope-and-pulley system of this unique device generates a smooth and constant pull during sprint or plyometric drills. An integrated adjustment knob lets you set the resistance level from 4 lbs. to 1,000 lbs. and a 120' cotton rope gives plenty of length to perform true training runs. Set up is simple: secure the unit to a stationary object like a fence or goal post, attach the harness, and begin training. Aluminum construction with rubber roller. Includes nylon harness and instructional training DVD by Tom Shaw. 7 lbs.
ADOSPSM  Medium (fits up to 44” chest) 
ADOSPSL   Large (fits up to 56” chest)

Explosive Step

1st Step explosiveness out of the batters box, hitting the hole & lower body strength. Product uses high resistance Slastix


Workhorse Harness

No more changing between belts and harnesses in the middle of your drills. Combine the Sprint Resistor and Viper 360° belt into one versatile harness. Heavy duty construction allows towing heavy loads from multiple points while a Saturn ring allows multidirectional training. Whether you hook it to one our sleds or custom flexicord, the Work Horse will give you the diversity you need to train efficiently.

• Hand-sewn with padded adjustable shoulder straps and waist belt
• 4 stationary, heavy duty D-rings to allow multiple attachment points
• 1 Saturn 

Viper Belt

This is the same hand-sewn, padded waist belt that comes with our Viper. It contains three stationary clips and one Saturn clip capable of rotating nearly 360 degrees around the athlete’s waist. The belt is available in Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large.Use the following guidelines to size your belts:

840SM   Small - 26"-29" waist, athletes under 130 lbs
840MD   Medium - 29"-32" waist, 130-170 pound athletes
840LG    Large - 32"-36" waist, 170-210 pound athletes
840XL    X-large - 36"+ waist, 210+ pound athletes