Dot Drill Mat w/Cut Out Holes

Light weight Stroops® Agility Mats are very easy to set up and clean up.
The cut out function allows for tangible response when training bare foot. Functional on all surfaces, but best on smooth surfaces. Folds easily for storage

SFDMH  Dot Drill Mat w/Cut Out Holes


Dot Drill Mat w/Painted Dots

The more standard agility dot mats, the Stroops® mats offer a thinner mat that can fold and/or roll up for easy storage.
SFDMP  Dot Drill Mat w/Painted Dots


Dot Drill Mats

Improve foot speed, reaction time, and balance. Perform multiple footwork patterns. Start with both feet and progress to single foot drills. Position multiple mats in a row to increase the challenge. All rubber construction; nonslip surface. Screened dots resist wear. 481/2" L x 36" W x 1/2" thick.
30700  Dot Drill Mat

 Agility Markers
Create infinite training patterns to develop overall agility and balance. Use our agility markers for multiple cut drills where athletes need to get low to the ground and touch the marker. Multiple colors provide high visibility and cues for change of direction.

Agility Squares 

Agility squares are easily moved and stored. With a low profile squares can be used for multiple functions.
SFAS  6 Agility Squares, 12″ x 15″ boxes.

Agility Dots 

Stroops® Agility Dots are very versatile. Great substitute for cones, having a low profile to use for basketball drills etc. Also great for rehab and can be used as a dot mat.
Throw them down and jump around.
SFAD  Set of 5


Agility Dots™

These nonslip dots make excellent targets for training sport-specific movements that require technical footwork patterns. Combine multiple sets to create challenging patterns that develop foot speed, coordination, balance, and mental focus. Durable, soft PVC. Recommended for indoor use. ( includes a dozen 10" diam. multicolored dots -colors may vary and a carry bag. 3 lbs)
30760  Agility Dots  (Set of 12)

Short Cone Set

Basic markers at an affordable price. Made of strong, pliable PVC, cones resist damage from direct foot strikes.
Use indoors or outdoors. Set includes 40 cones (10 of each color) and stacking pin. 7" diam. x 41/2" H.
30090 Short Cone Set

Agility Domes Set™

Multiple colors for multiple cuts
Use these domes for drills where athletes need to get low to the ground and touch the marker. Use set to create infinite training patterns. Multicolored for high visibility and directional cues. Made of PVC, domes will not break when struck. Use indoors or outdoors. Set includes 40 domes (10 of each color) and stacking carry handle. Dimensions: 7" diameter x 3" H. Wt. 7 lbs.

Agility Domes Set (Set of 40)

Agility Rings™
Create a wide variety of training patterns
Improve overall body control and balance
Attach PVC clips to maintain ring position during drills
Adapt and overcome! Position these rings in custom patterns to develop foot speed, agility, overall coordination, and mental focus. Lightweight design for convenient transport. Constructed of high-impact PVC. Use indoors or outdoors. Set includes a dozen 19" diameter, 1/4" thick rings, 12 PVC clips, and a carry bag. Wt. 3 lbs.
30750 Agility Rings  (Set of 12)


Non-slip rings promote overall body control
Position on floor to illustrate the correct footwork sequences that are crucial to court sports. Lightweight rings are flexible and will not tear when stepped on. Combine multiple sets for team and multi-sequential drills. Made of durable, soft PVC. Recommended for indoor use. Set includes a dozen 12" diameter multicolored rings (colors may vary) and a carry bag. Wt. 2 lbs.

Versa Rings (Set of 12)

Agility Slats

These multifunction Agility Slats are great for multiple agility drills and can double as ladders.
Available in flexible black slats or durable plastic slats
 Set of 12