VersaBalance Board

Versatile 2-in-1 balance board lets you select between 2 degrees of difficulty to target any skill level, making it perfect for group settings! Height adjusts quickly and easily from 1-1/2" to 2-1/2" with a pop-on adapter. High-quality PVC. Black. 16-1/2" diam. 4 lbs
VersaBalance board


Our largest inflatable disc! Extra-large 24" diameter disc offers versatility by maximizing total-body balance training for beginners as well as advanced users. Surface is wide enough to stand with feet shoulder-width apart. It targets the large muscle groups and the auxiliary stabilizing muscles that often are overlooked during workouts. Soft PVC. Red. 24" diam. x 7" H. 6 lbs. Ships deflated. Air pumps sold separately.


Our No. 1 selling balance product! Build strength by using this 13-1/2" diameter air-filled disc when doing balance-based exercises. Enhance balance and functional training by incorporating 2 discs. The bottom of the VersaDisc has small nodules for use in rehabilitation and massage therapy; also keeps disc from moving during exercise. Soft PVC. 13-1/2" diam. x 3" H. 3 lbs. Ships inflated however some users may need to adjust the inflation level; maximum inflation is 4" high. Inflation instructions included. Sold individually
VersaDisc - Red
VersaDisc - Purple
81067-BL    VersaDisc - Blue

VersaDisc PRO

More stability challenges! This 18" diameter disc offers the same great benefits as the VersaDisc® but it’s wide enough for you to stand on with both feet. Plus, it provides more instability and difficulty for intermediate/advanced balance training. Each side offers a different level of challenge. Soft PVC. Blue. 18" diam. x 6" H. 4 lbs. Ships deflated. Air pumps sold separately.
VersaDisc Pro


Arrange these colorful air-filled steps in different stepping patterns to combine balance training and motor skill development in personal training, rehab, and youth programming. Place them flat side down for a basic challenge and pebble side down for an advanced challenge. Includes carry bag. Soft PVC. Colors may vary. 5" diam. x 4" H. 1 lb. Ships inflated. 
Set of 6 W/ Carry Bag

VersaStep Plus

Large 13" diameter inflatable dome creates more instability and difficulty. This plus-sized step can be used flat side up or pebble side up, depending on skill level or application. Train using 1 step or 2 for exercise variety. Textured surface for use in rehabilitation and massage therapy. Soft PVC. Sold individually. Blue. 13" diam. x 8-1/2" H. 4 lbs. Ships deflated. Air pumps sold separately
VersaStep Plus