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Power Chute
The premier training chute on the market
Resistance and overspeed training during the same run

Power Chute™
Resistance and overspeed training during the same run. 
Speed Training: Increase speed, explosiveness, and acceleration. The Power Chute provides both resistance and overspeed training to improve the 2 key elements of speed: stride length and frequency. Chute opens during training runs for resistance and the Velcro belt allows for mid-stride release for overspeed training. 
Motivation: Athletes love that "shot out of a cannon" feeling immediately after releasing the Power Chute. 
Training Diversity: Waist belt allows for training in any direction, even on curves. It is the ideal training device for most sports. 
Superior Product: Built-in mesh panels keep strings from tangling and help to stabilize the chute during training runs. 
Power Chute Includes: Adjustable belt with storage pocket (fits 20" to 42" waist). 1 lb. ea. 
Sizing Recommendations:  

10001-SM   Power Chute - Small
Power Chute - Medium
Power Chute - Large
Power Chute - Extra Large                                                             
Power Chute Instructional Manual
Power Chute Instructional DVD

Power Chute ™ Size Chart
Athlete's Weight Beginner Intermediate Advanced
Under 170 lbs. S S, M M, L
170 to 210 lbs. S, M M, L L, XL
Over 210 lbs. M, L L, XL XL & S, XL & M
Small 15 lbs. resistance * 40" x 40"
Medium 20 lbs. resistance * 48" x 48"
Large 30 lbs. resistance * 56" x 56"
Xtra Large 50 lbs. resistance * 70" x 70"
* Approximate


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Power Sled



Push or pull sled
Improve acceleration and leg drive
Multiple training options! Push it or pull it, this sled is the perfect training tool for developing explosive leg drive and improving acceleration. Build powerful hips and legs using the handles or target stride length using the belt/harness. 
For forward, backward, and lateral training, the waist belt provides versatility. Dual leads stabilize sled during runs. Holds up to 180 lbs. 6-1/4" weight post holds up to four 45 lb. plates (sold separately). Includes 2 leads and a choice of either a shoulder harness or a waist belt (standard or XXL). See size chart for assistance. Strong welded steel. Assembly required. Red. 37" L x 18" W x 9" H. 33 lbs.

10420  Power Sled w/Std Waist Belt & Leads
1043 Power Sled w/XXL Waist Belt & Leads
Power Sled w/Shoulder Harness & Leads 

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Belt/Harness Sizes
WAIST 30-42" 40-48" N/A
CHEST N/A N/A Up to 56"

Sled Dawg Elite

Premium Speed Sled w/ Shoulder Harness & Leads

Incorporate this sled into sprint training drills to improve acceleration and increase stride length. S-shaped design generates less friction between sled and surface for faster runs. Angled tray directs force of weight downward, behind the front anchors, keeping sled stable. Dual leads pull sled straighter. Holds up to 135 lbs; alone sled weighs 28 lbs., making it a great tool for introducing sled training to youth. 5" weight post holds up to three 45 lb. plates (sold separately). Includes 2 leads that connect to sled and either a shoulder harness or a waist belt (standard or XXL). See size chart for assistance. Strong welded steel. For use on track or other outdoor surface. Red. 28" L x 18" W x 9" H. 20 lbs.
10450  Speed Sled w/Std Waist Belt & Leads
10460  Speed Sled w/XXL Belt & Leads
10470   Speed Sled w/Shoulder Harness & Leads

Belt / Harness Size Chart
Option Waist Chest
Standard Waist Belt 30" to 42" N/A
XXL Waist Belt 40" to 48" N/A
Shoulder Harness N/A Up to 56"

Monster Sled

Ideal for training runs or coach-assisted runs, the Monster Sledª features a 37" W handle to accommodate wide and narrow grips as well as alternate grip positions. Sled comes with a padded shoulder harness for comfort with strong nylon leads. Two 12" weight posts hold up to 540 lbs. (45 lb. weight plates sold separately).Strong welded steel. Assembly required. Instructions included. 50" L x 32" W x 2" H. Red. Additional shipping charges may apply.

10424   Monster Sled w/Shoulder Harness

Drive Sled II

Newly designed handle allows for quick change of direction.
Flat bottom, solid steel feet allow for smooth pushing/pulling on multiple surfaces.
Multi-point attachments allow for even load during pulling exercises.
Includes heavy-duty H-harness.
Constructed of heavy-duty 11-gauge welded steel for maximum stability and durability (46"L x 20"W x 36"H
2670  Drive Sled II