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909 Micro Band

Our new Micro Band is 42" long and HALF the width of the Mini Band (only 1/4" wide). This thin band provides from 2-6 lbs. of resistance, and is excellent for working small muscle groups to the point of fatigue with high repetitions. This band can be used by beginners on overhead presses and other activities, as well as for rehab. (Note: THIS BAND DOES NOT PROVIDE ENOUGH RESISTANCE FOR THE STRETCHING ROUTINE OR FOR ANKLE TRACTION.) Band color varies.

910 Mini Band

These bands are great for upper body strengthening by themselves or when looped over the barbell and combined with weights like many world-class power and weight lifters do. Mini Band is 1/2" wide and provides up to 25 lbs. of resistance. Buy a pair for strengthening. Also great for agility drills when looped around the ankles and each foot. Bands are sold singly. If you need a pair, order a quantity of two. Colors may vary.  Bands have a mild vanilla scent.

910M Monster Mini

onster-Mini Bands are the same length (41") and width as the Mini (1/2"), but they are thicker and therefore provide more resistance (up to 35 lbs.). Bands have a mild vanilla scent. Monster-Mini Bands are normally BLACK. Colors may vary. Bands are sold singly, so please order a quantity of 2 if you need a pair.

950Y Light Band

Great for stretching, as well as upper and lower body strengthening. Bands have a mild vanilla scent. Recommended for taller athletes and beginners. The Light Band is 1-1/8" wide and provides up to 50 lbs. of resistance. Attaching them to the bar with weights will help increase lifts on squats, bench and dead lift. Buy a single band (1) for stretching or a pair (2) for strengthening or powerlifting applications.

951Y Average Band

Buy a single band for stretching, ankle work and upper body strengthening. Recommended for stretching for stronger athletes who are under 6 ft. tall. The Average Band is 1-3/4" wide and provides up to 75 lbs. of resistance. This band is normally green, but colors will vary. For lower body strengthening on squats or for use with weights (as in powerlifting applications) you would need a pair of bands. Please order a quantity of 2 if you need a matching pair of bands.

952Y Strong Band

2 1/2" wide Strong Band (dark blue color) offers up to 100 lbs. of resistance. Excellent for lower body strengthening and serious ankle strengthening. Recommended FOR ADVANCED LIFTERS ONLY. Not recommended for use on barbell squats unless the lifter benches over 500 pounds. Order 1 band for stretching or a pair (2) for squats or powerlifting applications