LOKTUFF™ Standard Interlocking System:

To cover large "islands" or entire rooms.

Easy to install
* Loose lay product, requires no adhesive
* Will not curl or separate, insulates against cold
* Virtually maintenance free
* Absolutely non-absorbent
* LOKTUFF precision water-jet cut interlock eliminates gaps
* Will not harbor or promote bacterial growth
* Mitigate agent added during manufacturing to reduce rubber smell

Weight rooms are a demanding environments and Humane Recycled Rubber Flooring high-performance qualities "stand up" to the test.

Flexible and Versatile:
When your floor plans change, Humane rubber flooring is ready to change with you. Our modular design requires no adhesive and will not mark or stain. Just rearrange or add on
as needed. Rubber Flooring that's portable. You can even pick up and go without leaving a trace. Free layout/design assistance and customized sizes on request!!!

Available Options:

In 3/8" and ½" thickness:

4' x 4' interlocking centers, borders and corners
2' x 4' interlocking borders and corners
2' x 2' corners
with Beveled or Non-Beveled outside edge and available in color options below

In ¾" thickness:

3' x 4' Centers not shown
2' x 3' Borders not shown
2' x 4' Borders
2' x 2' corners
with Beveled or Non-Beveled outside edge, only available in black. Any color option below would be a custom order and must be at least 600 sq ft

please note: all dimensions are nominal.

With our 4 x 4 rubber flooring system, we literally have hundreds of areas already CAD ready to cut and drawings done for layout assistance. They start out as small as 7'9" x 7'9" (which is 4 of the 4' x 4' corners) all the way up to 58'4" x 101'2", or if you have a room with lots of corners and doorways, we can calculate number of mats needed and draw a lay out for you. These areas can be done with beveled edges for specific areas or straight edge for wall to wall applications. One person can install about 15 mats per hour, when trimming is not necessary.

25% Color Options:

Below from left to right; Coral, Blue, Glacier, Emerald or solid black

*Note actual color may vary from photo Contact your Humane representative for a rubber mat sample. Due to manufacturing process and nature of recycled rubber, surface variations (color distribution or shadowing) may exist.