A look you just donít get with traditional fitness flooring.

Itís simple, your facility will look better with DuraFLEX. DuraFLEX offers original design capability to satisfy the most discerning aesthetic requirements.

Choose from a multitude of standard or custom color combinations for complete design integration. Match colors to your equipment or the predominant scheme of your center. Channel traffic, or separate fitness areas through the creative use of design.

DuraFLEX is available in our Plus and Premium Series to meet any budget or design requirement.



The DuraFLEX impact pedestal was engineered with a hollow core. Our hollow-core technology creates air space under the surfacing system, providing unparalleled resilience to ease joint and muscle strain and help prevent injuries associated with repetitive motion. The added resilience is ideal for plyometric exercise areas where intense interaction with the surface is common.

Fitness clubs are not always the quietest places. At 1.75 inches thick DuraFLEX offers Superior sound insulationand shock absorption to reduce vibration and sound travel both within your club as well as in the spaces adjacent to or underneath your club.

Out of sight out of mind. With DuraFLEX itís not only what you see but what you donít see. The DuraFLEX impact pedestal raises the surface off the subfloor creating the perfect medium for safely routing cables and wiring.

DuraFLEX Performs Different Because
Itís Made Different.

Donít let the appearance deceive you. In spite of its modern contemporary look, DuraFLEX has been built to withstand even the heaviest commercial traffic.

The DuraFLEX series is manufactured utilizing a patent three stage compression molded process. Extreme mechanical compression and high quality materials has placed DuraFLEX at the top of the list for durability. Heavy traffic, & heavy equipment are what DuraFLEX has been designed for and tested for. In fact our products have been rated for over 400,000 repeated impacts with an 800 pound force.

Designed with Your
Facility in Mind.


DuraFLEX has incorporated the patented KrosLOCK joining system into the product design. This unique locking system provides a number of benefits not available with any other product:

ē DuraFLEX can be quickly and firmly locked in place without the use of adhesive
ē DuraFLEX can be picked up and reconfigured to harmonize with any layout changes to your facility
ē Should you decide to change locations, your DuraFLEX Fitness Flooring can be removed and placed in the new facility
ē Damaged surfacing can be quickly replaced