Work Horse Harness

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Viper Belt  
No more changing between belts and harnesses in the middle of your drills. Combine the Sprint Resistor and Viper 360° belt into one versatile harness. Heavy duty construction allows towing heavy loads from multiple points while a Saturn ring allows multidirectional training. Whether you hook it to one our sleds or custom flexicord, the Work Horse will give you the diversity you need to train efficiently.

• Hand-sewn with padded adjustable shoulder straps and waist belt
• 4 stationary, heavy duty D-rings to allow multiple attachment points
• 1 Saturn ring



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This is the same hand-sewn, padded waist belt that comes with our Viper. It contains three stationary clips and one Saturn clip capable of rotating nearly 360 degrees around the athlete’s waist. The belt is available in Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large.

Use the following guidelines to size your belts:hi

  • Small - 26"-29" waist, athletes under 130 lbs

  • Medium - 29"-32" waist, 130-170 pound athletes

  • Large - 32"-36" waist, 170-210 pound athletes

  • X-large - 36"+ waist, 210+ pound athletes



H- Harness
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By far the best Harness for Pulling and Explosiveness on the market. Stroops® H Harness was designed for Olympic Track and Football athletes in mind. Allowing free motion, the H Harness applies resistance on the upper chest, teaching the athlete out of the blocks for maximum explosion.
Universal Harness
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Transitional Speed and Resistance Training are two things to consider when Training for Sport. The Universal Shoulder Harness is designed for both. Train the athlete in their given sport with this adjustable shoulder harness. Adjusts to fit most athletes.
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Our most economical Harness, the X Harness is designed for resistance training and overspeed. A one size fits all Harness.
360% Belt
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The best 360 degree belt on the market. The Stroops® 360 Belts have no exposed seams allowing our patented ring to smoothly glide around the belt. The more tension in the pull, the stronger the clip and belt become.

Stroops® 360 belts do NOT adjust.



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