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Stroops® High Resistance Slastix® long time staple, the new shorter version of the Accelerator, the Takedown has a unique characteristic that allows the athlete to feel like he fighting against a very real opponent. The constant pressure the athlete must control when performing a movement has very close similarities to that of an opponent leaning or pushing against you without the physical wear on your body. The shortened length of this Slastix® provides an IMMEDIATE level of resistance, which is perfect for close combat sports. The Takedown is a great training tool for pinning up against the cage or on to the floor requiring your upper body to maintain constant pressure & weight on them or you become susceptible to easy escapes etc.

For Grapplers, the Takedown serves 2 primary purposes. Training from your back and training from a top position. From a stand up position it helps initiates a “lower-body-drive” throughout a takedown and maintaining that constant pressure. The biggest mistake Amateur wrestlers & weak MMA grapplers make on takedowns is they do NOT finish. After using the Takedown you will feel more explosive, stronger and have the confidence to keep the lower body moving when you fail to get depth in a takedown attempt.

As a grappler or Jujitsu artist, from your back it gives you the sensation that someone is pulling you toward them, so when “shrimping” you feel pressure as if someone was on you. You can also do it in reverse as if someone was pushing you down as you reverse shrimp. Also great for stand ups & conventional Wresting drills.

Lateral movement with the Takedown will rip your core to shreds. Working on a plane that we are similar to applying force in multiple directions training laterally from a push up position engages the core and muscles you cannot simulate any other way, especially when referring to movements necessary to pass guard, or to “T-out” when in the top position.

Popular drills with the Takedown for Grapplers are
• Takedown chain wrestling
• Defensive slides to reactive sprints (set up cones & sprint to them when called)
• Abdominal Crunches
• Shrimping & Reverse Shrimping
• Stand ups from a referee’s position
• Lateral bridge walking
• Frog hops
• Partner Bear Crawls with full body extensions

77lbs Resistance
105lbs Resistance
150lbs Resistance