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The technological advancements of the 21st century and the emergence of multi-drug resistant organisms demand new solutions to maintain and protect structures, material, and people from exposure to microbes that can adversely effect our everyday environment. Nearly every environment is impacted by the presence, growth and spread of bacteria and mold. Rather than continuing to use the current environmentally insensitive and costly approaches for remediation after microbial contamination has already occurred, a proactive solution is now available that combines the strengths of existing cleaning and disinfecting processes with a new, long lasting surface antimicrobial surface treatment. The integration of these solutions into a robust hygiene control policy provides for an extra level of protection against accumulation of bacteria and mold during the periods between physical cleanings when only dust, dirt and grime are typically removed. These solutions provide an ongoing level of antimicrobial activity below the surface where traditional cleaning solutions aren’t always effective.

The Technology
The active ingredient in the product line works by irreversibly bonding to any surface and forming a field of antimicrobial swords not visible to the naked eye. At the microscopic level, these swords attract and physically destroy bacteria, mold and algae that can accumulate on poorly cleaned surfaces in any environment. Whether the surface is dry or wet, these swords retain their antimicrobial activity and are not washed away, even by the strongest commercial cleaning chemicals used today. Testing performed by accredited laboratories has proven these products to have antimicrobial activity against a wide variety and spectrum of microorganisms. Additional studies have demonstrated the product to remain bound to treated surfaces for up to a year under normal conditions, retaining its ability to prevent the growth of surface damaging microbes that cause deterioration, unpleasant odor or appearance. The active ingredient in all products has been approved for use by the EPA and the formulated products are not harmful to the environment.

Antimicrobial, Long Lasting, Cost Effective, Bonds to Any Surface, Non-Leaching, Proven

  • SD Electrostatically applied by certified technicians with 1 year effectiveness
  • ST: Consumer ready to use in 32 ounce bottle with up to 90 day effectiveness
  • SA: SD formula combined with a stain and water repellent with 1 year effectiveness







Sterile Doctor™ controls bacteria, fungi and mold which can cause stains, odors or surface damage, through a physical mode of action that neutralizes microbes which come in contact with treated surfaces. The positive ionic charge in the antimicrobial active attracts microbes to a treated surface and physically ruptures their cell membranes. The active ingredient is stabilized with surface tension releasers and other ingredients to bond it to almost any surface, making the entire material antimicrobial. The unique chemistry offers an industry leading level of performance for long term efficacy and durability.
Where most commercial antimicrobials, cleaners and disinfectants are primarily effective only when wet, Sterile Doctor™ provides continuous protection for extended periods of time. Because it bonds to a treated surface at the molecular level, Sterile Doctor™ is not removed by routine cleaning processes, and traditional cleaning products will not adversely impact its’ performance. Sterile Doctor™ has been demonstrated to neutralize or significantly reduce the levels of surface damaging and odor causing microbes on treated surfaces for up to twelve months or longer with a single application.

The Global Shield Solution Process:

- Perform an on-site analysis of your current environment’s surface microbial colony counts

- Develop an application strategy that helps meet your needs

- Sterile Doctor™ is applied by certified technicians using proprietary equipment to maximize coverage

- Perform follow-up analysis to validate results and assure continuity of protection

Sterile Doctor™ can be used safely and effectively in a variety of applications, including residential, hospitality, healthcare, restaurant, public transportation, medical offices, day care centers, correctional facilities, athletic facilities, fitness centers, schools, food manufacturing, boating and many more.